Acts & Rules

  Electricity Act 2003

  UI Regulation 2010

  JERC Regulation 2010

   CSS Temporary Service Rules 1965

  CEA(Installation & operation of meters) Regulations 2006

  CEA(Grid Standards) Regulations 2010

  CEA(Safety Requirements) Regulations 2007

  CEA(Technical Standards for connectivity to the grid)Regualtions 2007

  CEA(Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Amendment Regulations, 2015

  CEA(Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010

  CEA (Technical Standards for Construction of Electrical Plants and Electric Lines) Regulations, 2010

  CERC (Ancilliary Services Operations) Regulations, 2015

  CERC (Deviation Settlement Mechanism & related Matters)Regulations,2014

  CERC (Deviation Settlement Mechanism & related Matters)(I Ammendment)Regulations, 2014

  CERC (Deviation Settlement Mechanism & related Matters)(II Ammendment)Regulations, 2015

  CERC (Deviation Settlement Mechanism & related Matters)(III Ammendment)Regulations, 2016

  CERC (Indian Electricity Grid Code) Regulations 2010

  CERC(Fixation of Trading Margin)Regulations 2010

  CERC(Power Market) Regulations 2010

  CERC(Power Market) I Amendment Regulations 2014

  CERC(IEGC) (I Amendment) Regulation 2012

  CERC(IEGC) (II Amendment) Regulation 2014

  CERC(IEGC) (III Amendment) Regulation 2015

  CERC(IEGC) (IV Amendment) Regulation 2016


  CERC(Open-Access-in-inter-State-Transmission)(II Ammendment) Regulations, 2013

  CERC(PSDF) Regulations 2014

  CERC(PSDF)(I Ammendment) Regulations 2015

  CERC(Regulation of Power Supply)Regulations 2010

  CERC (Procedure, T&C for grant of trading license & other related matters)Regulations 2009

  CERC (Procedure, T&C for grant of trading license & other related matters) II Amendment Regulations 2013

  JERC electricity supply code regulation 2013

  JERC electricity supply code(I amendment) regulation 2014

  JERC electricity supply code(II amendment) regulation 2015

  JERC electricity supply code (III amendment)regulation 2016

  JERC fees, fine and charges regulations 2010

  JERC fees, fines and charges first amendment regulation 2016

  JERC grid code regulations 2010

  JERC grid code first amendment regulations 2014

   JERC terms&conditions for open access regulations 2010

  JERC power purchase and procurement regulations 2012

  national electricity policy

  Operating Procedure For Mizoram Grid 2016

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