Mizoram State Load Despatch Centre is located at Power & Electricity Department Office Complex, Electric Veng, Aizawl with its Control Room situated at Laipuitlang. It is functioning under the direct control of Power & Electricity Department, Government of Mizoram.
          Mizoram State Load Despatch Centre is the apex body to ensure integrated operation of power system in the State and constituted under Section 31 of Electricity Act 2003.

Responsibilities of Mizoram State Load Despatch Centre:
   1. Optimum Scheduling and despatch of electricity within the State, in accordance with the contracts entered into with the licencees or the generating companies operating in that State.

 2. Monitoring Grid operations.

 3. Keeping account of the quantity of electricity transmitted through the State grid.

 4. Exercise supervision and control over the intra-state transmission system.

 5. Carrying out real time operations for grid control and despatch of electricity within the State through secure and economic operation of the State grid in accordance with the Grid Standards and the State Grid Code.

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