Section 33. (Compliance of directions) of Electricity Act 2003 state Power of State Load Despatch Centre as follows :- 


(1)   The State Load Despatch Centrein a State may give such directions and exercise such supervision and control asmay be required for ensuring the integrated grid operations and for achievingthe maximum economy and efficiency in the operation of power system in that State.

(2)     Every licensee,   generating company, generating station, sub-station and any other person connected with the operation of the power system shall comply with the directions issued by the State Load Depatch Centre under sub-section(1).

(3)    The State Load Despatch Centre   shall comply with the directions of the Regional Load Despatch Centre.

(4)     If  any dispute arises with reference to the quality of electricity or safe,secure and integrated operation of the State grid or in relation to any direction given under sub-section (1), it shall be referred to the State ommission for decision:
        Provided  that  pending  the  decision  of  the  State  Commission,  the directions   of the State   Load   Despatch Centre shall be complied with by the licensee or generating  company.

 (5)     If any licensee, generating   company or any other   person fails to comply with the  directions   issued under sub-section(1),   he shall   be liable to a penalty not exceeding  rupees five lacs.